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Court Services Division

Municipal Court Procedures In Response To COVID-19, Click here to learn more.

The Court Services Division is responsible for adjudicating misdemeanor cases that occur within the City limits of Dallas and has jurisdiction over city ordinance violations, nuisance abatements and some state traffic offenses.

Examples of cases handled in Municipal Court include, but are not limited to, traffic offenses such as: speeding, reckless driving, running a stop sign and driving under the influence of alcohol and non-traffic offenses such as: consumption of alcohol by a minor, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, and misdemeanor shoplifting. The court is also responsible for entering case dispositions and forwarding entries to the Department of Drivers Services (DDS).

This court does allow for one continuance per case. It must be signed for in person at the Court Services window. Please arrange for you continuance with the Clerk of Court no later than 24 hours prior to your court date.

Failure to Appear
If you miss your court date, you are subject to a failure to appear fee, a license suspension, and possibly a warrant.

Arraignments or first appearances begin at 9:00 a.m. Please refer to your citation for your correct court date. If you fail to appear on your scheduled court date a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest and your driver’s license may be suspended.

At your arraignment or first appearance, if you plead not guilty, you can request a bench trial before the judge at a later date or you can have your case bound over to Superior court for a jury trial.

Public Defender Services
If you are eligible, you may qualify for the services of a Court Appointed Attorney and if approved, may be required to pay a fee for his/her services to be determined by the Judge.

Court Attire and Conduct
Court starts promptly at 9:00 a.m. If you are late, you may be subject to receive a postponement to the following court date and or a bench warrant may be issued. There is a strict dress code for Municipal Court. Dress must be appropriate or you will be asked to leave. NO shorts, tank tops, flip flops, or inappropriate clothing will be allowed. Everyone is required to pass through a security checkpoint. The following items are prohibited: any form of weapons, cell phones, hats or sunglasses. Parents with babies or small children who become disruptive will be asked to leave the court room.

Court Services
Contact Information

LeAnn Adams, Clerk of Court
[email protected]

Erin Fowler, Deputy Court Clerk

[email protected] 

Office hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm, closed from 12:00pm to 1:00pm for lunch.

120 Main St, Dallas, Ga
(770) 443-8100 x1001

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