FOG (fats, oils and grease) is a major problem for the City of Dallas Sewer System. When not disposed of properly, FOG forms thick layers inside sewers constricting the flow, similar to the way cholesterol affects blood flow in our arteries and vessels. Clogged sewers result in sewage spills and overflows. FOG also attracts flies and vermin and causes odor problems, which creates environmental and public health concerns. Improper cleanup practices allow food particles, oil and grease, and cleaning products to flow to the sanitary sewer. Restaurants are a significant source of FOG because of the amount of grease used in cooking and other food prep work.

What is FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease)?
There are two types of FOG – animal or vegetable origin and petroleum or mineral origin.

Animal or Vegetable FOG, can block up sewer lines by building up on the sewer line walls eventually causing the line to become clocked causing back ups in the system. This type of FOG comes from Homes, Apartments, Hotels, Childcare, and one of the biggest players in this is Restaurants.

Petroleum or Mineral FOG, can cause harm to the biological phase of the City of Dallas sewage treatment plants. This type of FOG comes from Car Washes, Manufacturing Facilities, and Body shops.

How does FOG effect my plumbing?
Fats, Oils and Grease can block your pipes by chocking your water flow, thus causing the water to back up at the source. Grease build up in the pipe causing the ability of water flow to slow down to almost cause a complete blockage. In your house plumbing grease does the same. To get a glance at a typical home sewage system click the button below:

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